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Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Resolute Joe Act 7: Spirit......with a twist

Hey all,

Here comes my first project after the vacation. Spirit is one of those subjects that I... http://digg.com/u1LS3P

"Special Force Arms" weapon sets

Saw these posted at Storerooms

1/6 Special Force Arms - Series 1 Full Set: Store-Rooms.com... http://digg.com/u1LS3O


Here is part 2 of our little weekend shooting. A great thank you to Chris and Peter. for bringing... http://digg.com/u1LS3Q

Polish police counter terrorist operator

I'd like to introduce my new bash
it's a version of polish police counter terrorist operator
from... http://digg.com/u1LRuM

Israeli Yamam operator v.2.0

In cooperation with counter terror specialist Mr Eitan Meyr
I'd like to introduce a second version... http://digg.com/u1LRuL

Arkham Asylum Batman

Several companies have been very successful with the Batman (Batman Begins and Dark Knight)... http://digg.com/u1LRuI

USMC sniper team Iraq

Image: http://ping.fm/iqS5H ... http://digg.com/u1LRuO

Michael Westen - Pre-Burn Notice CIA Operator

I like my Mikey in his more recognizable suit, but it doesn't fit my collection. Don't have any... http://digg.com/u1LRUz

VTS Stone Cold Killers (photo review)

Image: http://ping.fm/IQDqu

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LRUx

Hot Toys Ghost Rider coming soon?

Found this whilst snooping around the Asian boards today...

Hot Toys ´cÆF¾ÔĵGhost Rider -... http://digg.com/u1LRUy

Getting paid for custom work?

Is anyone getting paid for doing custom work? Alot of you guys posted some really good head/body... http://digg.com/u1LRDM

VHT Future Combat System Fitting Tests

Just bought them, a fan of VHT's original stuff, the helmet can do with some enhancement such as... http://digg.com/u1LRDP

My DEVGRU Gold Team

Just mugging about with the new SS Goldteam uniform on my mohawk guy :)
Looks kinda wild, so I... http://digg.com/u1LRDO

GSG-9 hands?

im new to all this is there a tip on changing the hands out i cant seem to get the pegs out of the... http://digg.com/u1LRDN

Classy Trio of Birthdays for Tuesday 01/26/10

Let's help these OSWers celebrate their birthdays today---

prvtnoclass... http://digg.com/u1LQrO

Any plans on a HT Jill Valentine?

as the update Alternative/Gold editions will have Jill is there any plans from Hot Toys in making... http://digg.com/u1LQrP

Universal Carrier a Commisioned Build

Here are a few pics of a Universal Carrier I was commisioned to scratchbuild for a fellow member of... http://digg.com/u1LQrN

the quastion about USMC 2 M.E.F hot toys

i just wanted to ask will the helmet,head set,goggles and hood fit the following hot toys... http://digg.com/u1LQbE

1/6 WW2 German Concrete Bunker (THE SHELL WIP)

Next up I have a WW2 German concrete bunker I have been working on this is the shell (Please... http://digg.com/u1LQJo

FJ, Monte Cassino 1944 En Route To The Monastery

Ok guys I just revived in the mail a lot of WW2 German gear I acquired in a trade with a fellow... http://digg.com/u1LQ8M

Monday, January 25, 2010

Soviet Border Guard W/SKS (1950's)

All the parts on this one are Dragon except the rifle and belt(TUS.) I stripped and repainted the... http://digg.com/u1LNrA

New from Triad Toys: Ghost figure

She doesn't look so great undressed, but in full kit she's a beauty! Those hooded shots look as if... http://digg.com/u1LNJ3

new guy here...

Hello my name is Justin... I live in Lake City, Florida, any fellow collectors from North Florida?... http://digg.com/u1LN7y

Help woth saddles

I wonder if someone could help me out with putting a DID realistic horse german saddle on a dragon... http://digg.com/u1LN7z

quick mods

Here's a few really mods to some already awesome figures

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LMmm

Sdkfz 250/1 walk around images

Sdkfz 250/1 First Outdoor Images

My latest addition to the motor pool.
Some might have already... http://digg.com/u1LMml

Arctic Soldier of the Near Future WIP

I recently got the Soldier Story DEVGRU, and for some reason, decided to bash him into an arctic... http://digg.com/u1LMbe

Help Needed to customise a Michael Jackson Figure

Hi everybody,

I am a newbie and this is my first post so i hope you guys will go easy on me if i... http://digg.com/u1LISd

Anyone heard from Sawgunner?

I sent him a PM aver 3 weeks ago. He's MIA. http://digg.com/u1LGlw

Post Apocalyptic Vietnam Bash: Les Nam De Plume

My latest custom, Nam De Plume:

Image: http://ping.fm/plCQE ... http://digg.com/u1LFdz

message for 1:6 vehicle builder

I must know how you guys do it I need to build 1:6 scale WWII vehicles

US and german http://digg.com/u1LFdy

sweat stains ?

whats the best way to make sweat stains on white material like a white felt hat http://digg.com/u1LFdx

DML Astronauts aldrin and buck.

So guys who have this figure. Which one is cooler? Also which is closer to the apollo 13 gear... http://digg.com/u1LFX2

"Woof woof woof" That's My Other Dog Impression! (Oddball: Kelly's heroes)

Hi Everyone,

Here is my finished Donals Sutherland as Oddball figure from Kelly's Heroes... http://digg.com/u1LFPO

"Captain Millers" very tricky DID

I was on the DID site this morning and I noticed that they changed the new "Captain Miller" figure... http://digg.com/u1LEic

Trade Boxes: 1/6 Community Building or Community Black-Eye?

About five or six years ago (and I can't remember the forum, it could've been OSW) I got involved... http://digg.com/u1LEie

Harrison Ford in Air Force One

Just watch the DVD last weekend...:banana

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LEid

Alien Egg: Homemade!! (Pic Heavy)

*Hi guys,
Can't afford a hot toys egg so I had a go at making my own (I think they're a bit small... http://digg.com/u1LDCp

Pair of Birthdays for Monday 01/25/10

OSW Birthday Wishes go out to---

Bluefox... http://digg.com/u1LDCq

Heads, Hands (knees and toes...)

Hey there folks!

I've just begun working on a film project pitch using 1/6 figures and stop motion... http://digg.com/u1LCnx

[NEW] 1/6 Kamen Rider FAIZ (555) by RAH-Medicom

Image: http://ping.fm/WoaCp
Dammit, I had to wait THIS long for... http://digg.com/u1LCVh

Toys City rolled up Zeltbahn.

Could someone enlighten me about the size the fabric is when you unroll one of Toys City's... http://digg.com/u1LCI6

Berserk - Gutz (by ADartwork)

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LCI5

STAR WARS Bountyhunters...4-LOM and Zuckuss...The Hunt for Han Solo

Hey guys,
its me again with some Star Wars stuff. I am pretty much a Star Wars fan since I was a... http://digg.com/u1LBjR

A Battle Of Wits 墨攻 (by armysr400)

A custom figure/stand from armysr400, share with you!

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LBjQ

Sunday, January 24, 2010

WW2/US 101Airborne Division/Normandy.


Image: http://ping.fm/K1EXj

101Airborne... http://digg.com/u1LBTM

Need head?

What head went to this body on the right side? Thanks.

Image:... http://digg.com/u1LBMs

HT John Connor Final Battle Head Question

Anyone have these and tried to remove the blood off of the Headsculpt? I'm wondering if it could... http://digg.com/u1LAjd

Sdkfz 250/1 Build journal and images

250/1 Normandy Plus “Generic Vehicle” *** Construction of the vehicle***

This is my lates project,... http://digg.com/u1LAdR

Marine Saw gunner

Image: http://ping.fm/dTZDD ... http://digg.com/u1LAXL

MW2 Juggernaut

As promised in the 141 group bash.
Here are some work-in-progress pics of my Juggernaut.

Some... http://digg.com/u1LAS8

Off Comms

Hi guys. My computer crashed and I have been without for about 10 days now. I've been trying to... http://digg.com/u1LAG3

Four-fer of Birthdays for Sunday 01/24/10

A Big OSW Birthday Shoutout to the following Warriors---

Chii... http://digg.com/u1LA9U

Japanese SAMURAI with firearms "Tanega-shima",


Image:... http://digg.com/u1L9y7

Cigar Smokers Wanted

This post is intended as a bit of a mixture between a "heads up" and a request. Some brands of... http://digg.com/u1L9QL

pixs. of different bodies?

There use to be some pixs. around here of the different bodies types of 1/6 nude male figures. Now... http://digg.com/u1L9QI

The Making Of 1:6 Levi's Jeans

This is my 2nd time to make this jeans again but with pattern amendment and also with more accuracy... http://digg.com/u1L9QH

The Mission Is A Man (WIP)

Hi Guys,

Here's my latest shoot. It's my ranger squad so far from Saving Private Ryan.
I've got... http://digg.com/u1L9Bi

DML WelBike

Hi guys!
This is my paint work on the Dragon Model's Welbike.
Thank you for looking.
Probably I... http://digg.com/u1L9Bh

APB out for

The sexiest, risque' yet very dangerous Fem action figure. Although I think I'll stick to Soldiers,... http://digg.com/u1L90d

Triumphal Procession

Yesterday Chris and Peter, two guys from the German AFD Board, visited me with their figures. We... http://digg.com/u1L8Ks

21st Old Faithful Sentry, Remember This?

Image: http://ping.fm/IF3Vy ... http://digg.com/u1L7qY

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Fur Hats ? Davy Crockett maybe.....

Hi, Rhonda my better half came up with some headgear she would like comments on, if you would be... http://digg.com/u1L7l5

1:6 Scale VW bus!!

Never seen one of these before, got real excited. Sorry if this has been posted before. Here ya... http://digg.com/u1L7Tl

Some M4 identification help please

Hi guys

I'm trying to piece together an M4 like the one in the picture below.

Would I be right in... http://digg.com/u1L7Tk

Playhouse GSG-9 Photo Review...by your donation

Image: http://ping.fm/vmzsH

Dear... http://digg.com/u1L7Tm

[HUMOR] 1/12, meet 1/6!!! (and much disaster happened)

Boredom does strange things to one's mind...especially when one collects so many different figures... http://digg.com/u1L7PQ

1/6 scale musical instruments

Does anybody have any recommendations who sells these (besides ebay)?
Ive done massive Google... http://digg.com/u1L7BD

Juggernaut anyone?

We have some super talented customizers here on OSW and i was wondering is anybody working on a... http://digg.com/u1L6ta

My Gi Joe Firefly rendition

I figure that everybody is in disconent with the Sideshow rendition, but I personally think it's... http://digg.com/u1L6tZ

Question re mini springs for rifle bipod

Can any of you good folk point me in the right direction as to where to get those miniature springs... http://digg.com/u1L6o8

need help please

guys just got my Dennis EOD figure, how the heck does that suit go on? help! if you have pics that... http://digg.com/u1L6oA

Where to find 1/6th quick-lock buckles?

Specifically, the type BBI used on their later holsters, circa Chopper/Rosanna/Trident/Chuck, etc?... http://digg.com/u1L6LY

Custom 13" Starfire

Another commission using DCD's 13" female base body. Head sculpt is a casting from their Batgirl,... http://digg.com/u1L6Cc

Pride and Glory

Image: http://ping.fm/wJC2e

Image:... http://digg.com/u1L65s

Solo Birthday for Saturday 01/23/10

OSW wishes the following Warrior a Happy Birthday---

echin1234... http://digg.com/u1L5yA

Task Force 141 : Ozone

Yup another MW2 kitbash from me, this time my take is "Ozone". so enjoy guys one shot only.
Image:... http://digg.com/u1L5y9

More Photograph Recreations from SPR

Hi Everyone,

Here are some more photograph recreations, this time from the movie Saving Private... http://digg.com/u1L5al

[HELP] Hot Toys Iron man repair

Image: http://ping.fm/wSVja
so i got the Iron man for... http://digg.com/u1L5R9

WWII Sci-fi Project with Sixth Scale Models

Hey Folks,

I just finished up this little presentation for an alternate history WWII sci-fi... http://digg.com/u1L4PX

Friday, January 22, 2010

Complicated 1/6 figure you wish modifiers or companies would make

I, not being skilled in modding figures wish someone would try to make a 1/6 tron (old school)... http://digg.com/u1L4Gg

It's no longer a rumor. 21C has been reborn as All-Go Toys.

It's no longer a rumor. 21C has been reborn as All-Go Toys. So far there's no mention of any 1:6... http://digg.com/u1L4BN

Hasbro Ironman Mod.

I scored 2 Hasbro's Repulsor Power IRONMANs for just 13USD each... and came across some knock-off... http://digg.com/u1L4BM

Got my older G.I. Joes updated clothing

What a big difference. Yes they are different guys but it was the progression I'm focusing on. I... http://digg.com/u1L44U

1/6 Chuck Taylors

DocHolliday666 asked me if I could paint a pair of HT Spirit Converse "Chuck Taylors" from the all... http://digg.com/u1L3qZ

deals on Ignite

went to EBT today-they are selling Ignite at 30 dollars --, Ninja, romans, gladiator figs bought... http://digg.com/u1L2qC

Reliable store?

As the topic says is this a reliable store:
Angolz Stores... http://digg.com/u1L2qA

Some advise please

Hi guys

I'm wanting to bash one of our NZ National Heroes, "Willie Apiata", but I need a little... http://digg.com/u1L2Pt

SS CIA SAD Ver1 on ebay

is up for bids at $177.00 with still one day left...WOW, didn't know these were going to be a hot... http://digg.com/u1L2Ps

Ok, I have tried to find out in fear of being laughed at...

...but I have failed because I don't know what words to use.

Please help....what is a "wired"... http://digg.com/u1L28Q

Who do you think makes the best bare hands?

I know that this has been discussed before but there are some newer hands out there that I don't... http://digg.com/u1L1xh

XM25 Individual Airburst Weapon System (WIP)

Hey all,

I've had success with small 28mm, Clix-scale, and 1:1000 scale starship modeling through... http://digg.com/u1L1l7

Hot Toys Super Glue?

Does anyone know if a super glue comparable to what Hot Toys or any one-sixth company uses is... http://digg.com/u1L1l6

Four Fine Birthdays for Friday 01/22/10

Celebrating a birthday today are these fine OSWers---

Folkwulfe... http://digg.com/u1L1ca

1/6 Oil drums... Know of any?

I had seen that some metal one's were coming out but I want plastic (due to weight).

Any info... http://digg.com/u1L1cd

Is the new Hot Toys Alien Big Chap worth getting?

Is this figure worth getting? I am afraid it will break on me. I have not have had a good... http://digg.com/u1L1cb

Favourite headsculpt?

Out of all the heads I've seen in 1/6th, I think my absolute favourite would have to be BBI's... http://digg.com/u1L1cc

TTL-1002 suit

Image: http://ping.fm/A9n2z

Image:... http://digg.com/u1L1PY

It's a funny world we live in. Speaking of which, do you know how I got these scars?

Image: http://ping.fm/qUuWq
Image:... http://digg.com/u1L19J

'Iron Cross Awardee' - Serang's New Head Sculpt.

Image: http://ping.fm/jf8lc

Hi, everyone~.
Here is my new... http://digg.com/u1L19K

Sideshow's next Joe

Image: http://ping.fm/Knps0 (http://ping.fm/Rooko) http://digg.com/u1L19L

Forum n00b needs help with clothes


I have an action figure with an abnormally large chest size that is too big for any standard... http://digg.com/u1L0hY

T-600 silicon mask

hi all, i got the T-600 a few days back, and i'm enjoying it alot ! my version is the one with out... http://digg.com/u1L0Ym

Hot Toys - MMS118: Inglourious Basterds: Lt. Aldo Raine- full spec

Hot Toys - MMS118: Inglourious Basterds: 1/6th scale Lt. Aldo Raine Collectible Figure

~ Movie... http://digg.com/u1Kzww

Thursday, January 21, 2010

1/6 (Hand made Custom ) Wooden Stools.

Hey guys,

I have been working on creating a few dioramas (My biggest ones yet)
One will be a WW2... http://digg.com/u1KzQ1


Hey OSW,
Here's the latest webisode (13). Please enjoy.

Thanks for watching.

YouTube - Heroes... http://digg.com/u1KzDa

Need help with a Leather biker vest

I was wondering if one has been made, or someone is able to make one that is similar to the vests... http://digg.com/u1KzDc

Need help identifying the following Samurai ?

Does any know which company made the following samurai?

Is it Samurai Collectibles? They are out... http://digg.com/u1KzDY

Another ebay shipping fiasco- Advice needed

Wow right after I end one ebay dispute, I'm hit with another one. This one is out of left field.... http://digg.com/u1Kz68

This is your Thursday Joe Pit Report: EJ White

[FONT='Arial','sans-serif']This is your Thursday Joe Pit Report: EJ... http://digg.com/u1KyyW

PMC outdoors by One Shot

So nothing super cool about this photo set other than I am using a rifle that I had picked up from... http://digg.com/u1KyyZ


Hi peps,

Does anyone know who makes custom cannon shells. I am looking to buy PAK 38 shells and... http://digg.com/u1KyXL

Marvel and DC Customs - 12 and 13 inch

HEY OSW - been a while since I posted but I finished 6 out of 7 of these which I hope will the pics... http://digg.com/u1Ky8c


and another one from paverdude2007 beard is custom made head sculpt is bbi peter :bravo enjoy guys... http://digg.com/u1Ky4X

Delta Force In The Stan

this bassh is created by PAVERDUDE2007 we couldnt go out to take pic out side it was raining hope... http://digg.com/u1Ky4W

Anyone know any 1:6 Action Figure price guides?

In the event of the unthinkable, my insurance would still need a way to determine the value of my... http://digg.com/u1KxkH

Pair of Birthdays for Thursday 01/21/10

Happy Birthday Wishes go out to these OSWers today---

dezRy... http://digg.com/u1KxkK

HT True Type Fisted Hands (Help)

As the subject implies: are such hands available for the Truetype figures? I need both left/right... http://digg.com/u1KxkI

Green Hornet and Kato

Green Hornet bid from ebay and do some modification and Kato is from EB

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KxWC

My Joker DX DIY

I feel joker fit better with the HT slim body

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KxWD

Clothing & Accessories for Fem Figures?


Not sure where to exactly post this, but:

Is there a list of vendors who supply/make clothes... http://digg.com/u1Kx3v

The best horses

Hello all,

I read several threads about horses and i been toying with the idéa of buying a DID... http://digg.com/u1Kwds

(PART 2) Snake Eyes G.I.JOE MOVIE

More work on Progress there are a lot more to go:think Recommend friends! :thumb
and then Hottoys... http://digg.com/u1KwQr

Special Operations Snatch & Grab night mission

A few months ago, I made a monk figure with a "real" hair beard. I was asked if I could replicate... http://digg.com/u1KvY0

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

NEW !!! Hot Toys WOLVERINE Dx Version

HA Tricked you !!!!!!

Used a HTs Slim body. Had to mod the forearms to fit the Medicom gloves... http://digg.com/u1KufT

Please Help identifying Uniform?

Hey guys I just picked up this uniform along with a lot of other stuff in a trade deal (See Below)... http://digg.com/u1KuUl

Alien Egg size/dimensions?????????

Can anyone help me?
Im looking for the dimensions of the 1:6th Alien eggs (Height and Width at... http://digg.com/u1KtnV

Short animation test with my figures

Hey all, after our most recent animation assignment (lego animation) I attempted on my own to do... http://digg.com/u1KtnU

Spray painting

I have a couple large items I want to paint and was looking at spray painting them. I have valspar... http://digg.com/u1Kta1

RoC Cobra Commander would this work?

I had an extra Hasbro CC and wanted to see if I could come up with a better head. Would this work? http://digg.com/u1KtMW

Altered Tom Hanks headsculpt

Hi Guys,

I've been changing my tom hanks head and I'm happier with it now than I was when I... http://digg.com/u1KtMU

I Pity the Fool... Custom BA Baracus

Growing up in the 80's nothing summed up badass for me more than B.A. Baracus.. I've wanted my own... http://digg.com/u1Kt8F

Please allow Me to introduce myself(wip)

Im A man of wealth And taste
Just something that I have been working on Sorry I had too photoshop... http://digg.com/u1KsOF

Hit or miss? My latest HS. opinions greatly needed!

Hi Guys,

I've got a number of photo shoots lined up to complete soon many of them being... http://digg.com/u1Krst

Head optic?

Are there any good head mounted targeting optics that will fit on a HT HS? I'm looking for... http://digg.com/u1Krsu

Smashing Set of Birthdays for Wednesday 01/20/10

OSW wishes these members all the best on their birthday---

homers... http://digg.com/u1KrQ7

Wild Work - Underworld

Image: http://ping.fm/rbS65

Image:... http://digg.com/u1Kr6m

If Hot Toy do Sherlock Holmes and Mr Watson...

any takers? I know i will go crazy over it. Simply love the characters portrait by Downey and Law.... http://digg.com/u1Kquy

ISO: Nominations for best "pro" 1/6 customizers online

Its pretty clear we have an insane amount of talent on (and off) OSW. A lot of it rivals the big... http://digg.com/u1Kp6X

need help with the dragon dennis EOD uniform

ok now i did some research and couldnt find any help on the uniform for the dragon dennis EOD... http://digg.com/u1KmyW

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What would you do? Shipping problem

I need some advice. I sold a rather expensive 1/6th item ($600) to someone via paypal. I shipped... http://digg.com/u1KlEW

TERMINATOR 2 M134 MINI Gun (Custom)

TERMINATOR 2 M134 MINI Gun (Custom)

Image: http://ping.fm/nMgYn ... http://digg.com/u1KlEQ

Colonial Marines Armor?

Hey guys, with the new AVP game appraoching Ive been wondering something, a long time ago I saw a... http://digg.com/u1KjUa

Perfection Killer Question....

This is for anyone who bought the Heroic Perfection Killer figure....Has anyone tried rounding up a... http://digg.com/u1KjAJ

First kitbash: Long Range Seal Sniper

Hey guys. I have been coming to this site for a few months, since I first saw Sir Eaton's Operation... http://digg.com/u1KjAH

Here's some pics of my set up

For now seeing as though I just got into the hobby.

Here's My first Ranger that started this... http://digg.com/u1Kimb

ALIENS: Working Shoulder Lamp, Version 2!!

Hi guys,
I finally got round to sorting out my shoulder lamp from my ancient thread:... http://digg.com/u1Kima

Eli in the Wilderness: The Book of Eli (minor blood)

I saw the film on Friday and worked on this over the weekend. I was really impressed with the... http://digg.com/u1Kimc

Man on Fire

Hey I was thinking of a simple Bash, making a Denzel Washington from Man on Fire. It would be... http://digg.com/u1KieE

US SOF interesting theme for a new bash

some of reference photo that could be interesting to make a new bash:clap

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KiWh

Counter strike action figures?

H guys.

Does somebody have idea of the quality of COUNTER STRIKE figures offered by Toys and... http://digg.com/u1KiFv

9 TOY SOLDIER M14's for 10 cents!!!

plus shipping...but still 9 for 25 dollars!!

I don't know what I am going to do with them... http://digg.com/u1KiFt

Book of eli custom

Saw Book of Eli this weekend-awsome-Road Warrior gets religon!
I want to make my Denzel custom-does... http://digg.com/u1Kh6b

Four-pack of Birthdays for Tuesday 01/19/10

OSW wishes these OSWers a Happy Birthday today---

Agent-GHQ... http://digg.com/u1KgvC



i just finished having a go at this one. i will make a bigger rubble/debris base for it. ... http://digg.com/u1KgvE

Sigourney Weaver and Aliens

I saw Sigourney Weaver on David Letterman and she said she has just turned 60. Time really flies,... http://digg.com/u1KgvD

Snake Eyes G.I.Joe Movie (on progress)

Friends I'm kinda stuck and hanging on the rest of this Custom. Meanwhile breaking on this, your... http://digg.com/u1Kgof

"Doc" Bradley from Flags of our Fathers

Gents! One of many unfinished projects I've been working on, finally complete. Still working on my... http://digg.com/u1Kgod

What would YOU like to see from HT in 2010/2011?

I know we've seen this kind of thread before but it was neat to go back and read those same threads... http://digg.com/u1Kgoc

My first sculpture ever !

Hello !
I'm french and i'm a new fan of 1/6 figure. I discovered this world with ThreeA and Team AZ... http://digg.com/u1KgYR

NOTICE for free Sd.Kfz.222 oil drum bracket and wooden caisson

As reward to the regular customers for your support and favor for TAOWAN, customers who bought... http://digg.com/u1Kg5u

China QBZ Type 95 5.8mm - A Review

Boy talk about sh-t. But it's the only weapon out there so I bought it. Not worth the $25 there... http://digg.com/u1KfWs

Dr.Figures CIA first look

Image: http://ping.fm/SIgdm

Image:... http://digg.com/u1Ketg

Monday, January 18, 2010

Who's up for some chat?

Come on in! http://digg.com/u1KeBV

Patrick Boivin Ninja's Unboxing

This guy continues to amaze, pretty good ninja bashes as well.

YouTube - NINJA'S UNBOXING http://digg.com/u1KeBW

HT ALDO The Basterd!!!

Here its is

Image: http://ping.fm/jKnYV http://digg.com/u1Kdr1

Sweet 1:6 Hummer w/ detailed interior I found online

Check this out ya'll. Would make a totally sick-house PMC vehicle if ya ask me. Thinkin about... http://digg.com/u1Kcra

Enterbay Piccolo Video review + Picture Slideshow!

YouTube - Enterbay Dragonball Evolution Lord Piccolo Figure Review

Comment and subscribe if u... http://digg.com/u1Kcrb

VM´s Vietnam Marines - WIP

Hi All,

I have been reading here mostly for quite some time, but today I got a hold of some camera... http://digg.com/u1Kc3R

Body height/bulk comparison

Hey guys and gals,
I'm VERY new to the 1:6 world and am trying to learn as much as I can before I... http://digg.com/u1Kc3S

Hot Toys Tony Stark 'Long' Neckpost

Hey all....

So did a little searching for this on the forums, and nobody has mentioned an answer... http://digg.com/u1KbMS

Is parting out worth it??

Been thinking about investing some money in some high ticket figures and part them out to raise... http://digg.com/u1Kalz

Da Joint Zero Metal Defence Capsule custom

Hi all,
I am basically new to 1/6 toys in the modern sense, but have had this figure since it came... http://digg.com/u1Kaly

custom jason X

Hi guys happy new years and i'm new in this great forum :thumb
here is my version custom jason X... http://digg.com/u1KZu9

Which actor do you have the most figures of?

Mine would be Harrison Ford:

Solo Smuggler - SST
Solo Bespin - SST X 2
Solo in trooper disguise -... http://digg.com/u1KZcu

ZC Walking Paradise - Queen

Image: http://ping.fm/mQQcb

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KZLy

HT Alien woes

Finally got the Big Chap in hand and I must say that overall I am happy with it, not a figure that... http://digg.com/u1KYtu

Need Help: LPU-34 Low Profile Flotation

Guys, I'm struggling to attach LPU-34/P from Hot Toys marine fast onto the figure. the webbing... http://digg.com/u1KYtv

[HEROIC] Bobber

Image: http://ping.fm/zpeDT

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KYRR

New from Toyscity:The Soviet Hero,Vasily

After Major Konig,Toyscity's Vasily is coming.

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KYBS

Urgent Help Needed!!! - RHKP Uniform

Hi .....

I'm currently in HK and am actually looking for parts to do a RHKP PTU kitbash. I went... http://digg.com/u1KYBR

Three-fer of Birthdays for Monday 01/18/10

Let's help these boys party on their birthday---

Hetzer1-8... http://digg.com/u1KXXI

Slipknot Number 6 - Shawn "the Clown" Crahan

Finished a commissioned work. Shawn Crahan, percussionist fro the band Slipknot.
here is a ref pic... http://digg.com/u1KXJq

Sunday, January 17, 2010


I recall way back that Toyrrific was coming out with some nice figure. I like the 101st AB was it... http://digg.com/u1KX5d

Has the world gone crazy ????

Miniature 1/6 scale flintlock musket WOOD + METAL - eBay (item 330394531459 end time Jan-13-10... http://digg.com/u1KWnq

Unbelieveable determination, unquestioned victory - December 2009's KotM !!!!!

In December, Anno Domini 2009, the last bastion of kitbashing fell to a mighty work spanning two... http://digg.com/u1KWac

Secret Service ***outside Whitehouse Deployment***

after a long month of rehab... ;D another additional to the family.

black is back!!! ... http://digg.com/u1KWab

Looking for buckle set of 1/6

Guys, I'm wondering where to find some buckle set for 12' modern figures. including those ladder... http://digg.com/u1KWON

I need help putting photos on the site

I need help putting photos on the site. I tried to up lode the pic in gallery and I
go to Upload... http://digg.com/u1KWFQ

Sideshow Thrawn (with Chair), Hot Toys Wolverine reviews

Grand Admiral Thrawn with his exclusive Command Chair shipped a couple weeks ago, but I'm finally... http://digg.com/u1KW2j


Hi everyone,
Just though I'd give you a heads up,
I've just recieved this today from a seller on... http://digg.com/u1KVw3

New Member

Hey Guys,

My name is Rick Navarro, I've recently bumped into a HotToys action figure US Army... http://digg.com/u1KVpb

one question about hottoys neckjoint

is it a way to disconnect neckjoint of headsculpt without Tear away the plastic joint at the base... http://digg.com/u1KVpa


The Kommando Spezialkräfte (Special Forces Command, KSK) is part of Germany's Special Forces.... http://digg.com/u1KVjx

Serbian Saj

This bash is done at the request of Israeli counterterrorism expert Mr. Eitan Meyr, a long-time and... http://digg.com/u1KVjv


In spite of its name, the 1er RPIMa (RPIMa standing for Naval Infantry Paratrooper Regiment) does... http://digg.com/u1KVjw

Terrific Trio of Birthdays for Sunday 01/17/10

Let's help these three OSW amigos celebrate their birthdays--

coconutkid... http://digg.com/u1KVV5

Fanatical Nazi Officer (Custom Hannes Diehl)

Hi Everyone,

The Hannes Diehl figure I ordered before christmas arrived a few days ago and upon... http://digg.com/u1KVOP

Terry O'Quinn

My wife gave me some heads made by Ada Chan for Christmas. This is the first one that I have... http://digg.com/u1KVOQ

Devgru Cqc

I finished this bash quite long time ago but never have time to take pic. Here we go. C&C always... http://digg.com/u1KV9u

1/6 Scale G36 Rifle Set

Image: http://ping.fm/LtiXr

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KV9t

USAF 353rd ARS in OKINAWA, Japan-Operation .... Face

Air Special Operation Command (AFSOC) was founded in 1983 for the purpose of supporting special... http://digg.com/u1KUcE

1/6 diecast bike

Greeting to all..
i'm from singapore,& just started collecting 1/6 figurine.Mainly from... http://digg.com/u1KUMG

Saturday, January 16, 2010

MISSING Front Sight on Soldier Story's new DevGru Gold Team HK416

Image: http://ping.fm/SUp3h

1.initial preview... http://digg.com/u1KTU0

Question for the experts re: Hot Toys ACU-pattern pouches

Can anyone tell me what these thing are called and what they're for?

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KSyU

Black Hawk Down WIP

HT body, BBI "Renegade" head, HT USMC MEU boots, DML 3-colour BDUs (too short), DML Ultra-Pattern... http://digg.com/u1KSyT

Tintin, sans Milou...

...At least until I can find a decent 1/6th scale Wire Fox Terrier, anyway.

Absent canine... http://digg.com/u1KSyS

"No one gets near the clown!" Hot Toys "Jail Cell" Joker Custom

:shades More coming soon...

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KSh2

Graeylin's collection: don't even think about it with dial up...

We just upgraded my wife's collection to nicer Detolf cabinets, and so i got her previous display... http://digg.com/u1KSak

Soldier Story S2 Body Question

Hey guys,

I have read on the forums that you can pull the lower leg off from the knee on a Hot... http://digg.com/u1KSTq

The movie Predators (2010) new ht peds?

I was wondering if any one else has herd about this movie, I have a few set pictures http://digg.com/u1KS2z

T3 Question

Hi Guys, just wondering if anyone can tell me in the film T3 the scene when arnie comes out of the... http://digg.com/u1KS30

Balaclava help

Ok guys, so like many of you, I have a Firefly bash on the works. I decided to go with a HT TT slim... http://digg.com/u1KS31

Star Wars: A-Wing pilot

Image: http://ping.fm/qvMh1

The Rebel Starfighter force is... http://digg.com/u1KRDH

ACI Military Sweater fit comparison

Hello Again,
I really like the new military sweaters, (woolypully's) from ACI. The quality is very... http://digg.com/u1KQrC

Eastern Block PMC on a budget Kitbash

Hello Folks,
I was playing with some bits and put together this kitbash from some "higher end" gear... http://digg.com/u1KQrB

Task Force 141 operative: Gary "Roach" Sanderson

Finally i made it, took me a week to finish my "Roach" here, from photography session to photoshop... http://digg.com/u1KQaC

New from DID-Battle of Stalingrad 1942

Vasily Grigorevich Zaytsev
Major Erwin König

ITEM NO: D80071 / R80072 AVAILABLE ON: Mar.... http://digg.com/u1KQaA

simple bashes

Just got the new mountain boots, I asked these 2 guys to replace their old ones...
Image:... http://digg.com/u1KPy6

Ht Sas Halo

like to ask members for their opinion on the HotToys SAS HALO, was this fig any good ? I know... http://digg.com/u1KPVh

Disassembling HT Batmobile?


I was just wondering if anybody had disassemled the HT Batmobile and whether it can actually... http://digg.com/u1KOAL

WAYNE ENTERPRISE [Applied Sciences Division] Custom

Image: http://ping.fm/dmP5J ... http://digg.com/u1KOAK

Pair of Birthdays for Saturday 01/16/10

OSW wishes these members a Happy Birthday today---

troopers1971... http://digg.com/u1KNIa

inHouse Production @ bib overalls vintage jeans

Let us share it...:popcorn

Image: http://ping.fm/7i1hu

:bag http://digg.com/u1KNIX

Friday, January 15, 2010

M.I.A. Call for a Medic!

If this is not the correct forum, please forgive me.
Has anyone heard from CGFLTMEDIC?
I understand... http://digg.com/u1KMrJ


Coming soon!

Image: http://ping.fm/TyNuy http://digg.com/u1KMRb


Been very busy for this custom warrior figure for a customer. Glad it complete now. Hope you like... http://digg.com/u1KMRa

Diorama + Hairspray?

Hi everybody, just finished a dio involving baby powder and Styrofoam, and was wondering, will... http://digg.com/u1KKO4

DID Captain Miller Photoshop Alteration

Here is a more accurate portrait of Tom Hanks as Captain Miller via Photoshop.

The Original DID... http://digg.com/u1KKNv

Check this out...pretty cool Tumbler

Batmobile Tumbler PC (http://ping.fm/FgyWF) :gimme http://digg.com/u1KJf1

'At least we're together' - Fleeing Berlin, April '45 Diorama

Hey guys,

This is my very first attempt at making a diorama base nad weathering figures so please... http://digg.com/u1KJew

Marines in Iraq 2004

Image: http://ping.fm/xOQG3 ... http://digg.com/u1KJer

New From Barrack Sgt What Do You Think

New Tents From Barrack Sgt Pic Inside Thanx For Looking http://digg.com/u1KJLF

Modern Warfare 2 -Ghost from 'Contingency' mission

So I finially finished my bash of Ghost from Modern Warfare 2, which is probably only the hundred... http://digg.com/u1KJLH

Solo Birthday for Friday 01/15/10

A Big OSW Birthday Shoutout goes to---

KneeJoint... http://digg.com/u1KHdj

Post-Apocalyptic Diorama Graphics.

Coming soon...
Image: http://ping.fm/plKlx

I... http://digg.com/u1KHdi

U.S.Navy SEAL Team 10 (big pictures)

This was done as a continuation to my NSW 2 men team. No research was done as to the accuracy of... http://digg.com/u1KHdh

Hottoys Aliens 1st series pictures needed ,thxs

HI All,

I recently bought a full set of loose Hottoys Aliens series One w/o box - Sergeant Apone,... http://digg.com/u1KGdG

new from toyscity - German sharpshooter,Major Konig

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KFr0

India/Pakistan Border Closing Ceremony

Great to watch and a great idea for a pair kitbash:

YouTube - Michael Palin at the India-Pakistan... http://digg.com/u1KEU7

Sideshow Avatar AMP Suit Maquette

*Got this newsletter from Sideshow Collectibles about AMP Suit Maquette from the movie Avatar. It... http://digg.com/u1KE2Y

Action Figure Movies The Latest

Here is Webisode 12. Please enjoy. All comments are welcomed.

YouTube - Heroes Faith Webisode... http://digg.com/u1KDie

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Loading Toys - Vagrant

Image: http://ping.fm/HXqpo

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KDTk

The Making of 1:6 Vanson Leather Bike Jacket White Version

The difficulties of top stitchings

Image: http://ping.fm/wo59W http://digg.com/u1KCyg

CG repaint (by gugu)

Another gugu's repaint work, share with you =)

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KCoP

Seals By Figurebase.com


Image: http://ping.fm/4003u

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KCUf

My first post -My Medicom Rocketeer 2.5 Review-

YouTube - Medicom RAH Rocketeer Version 2.5 Review
Please Rate and comment if you like the review... http://digg.com/u1KCUd

CIA in Afghanistan 2007 by FIGUREBASE.COM

:applause :applause great looking figs from figurebase.com :applause :applause

Image:... http://digg.com/u1KCUc


Image: http://ping.fm/V7nmo ... http://digg.com/u1KCUb


Was wondering if anyone here ever tryed making a mad mardigan figure before?
maybe the armoured... http://digg.com/u1KCKY

Hi-Jack posts

just a quick one my fellow onesixthers
..what are your thoughts on your thread gettin hi-jacked by... http://digg.com/u1KCKX

" Again " Wolverin "

Attachment 72212 (http://ping.fm/Pk53V)
... http://digg.com/u1KBdL

Pair of Birthdays for Thursday 01/14/10

We wish these OSW Warriors a Happy Birthday today---

albert_dede... http://digg.com/u1KB3T

Generic Operator 3

Another addition to my Generic Operator series, if you can call it that. This is another figure... http://digg.com/u1KAom

French Cavalry tack

Just got the DID French Cuirassier and tho he may not be spot on perfect he is "Outstanding". That... http://digg.com/u1KAYh

Generic Marine number 1

Nothing too special about this guy, other than he seems to like his pants a bit tight. I couldn't... http://digg.com/u1KAG9

SS Duke...

What happened to him? When can they start taking orders? http://digg.com/u1KAG3

Move Complete...Zero Casualties

I am happy to report that after being boxed up for 2 months my entire collection is back safe and... http://digg.com/u1KAG2

IS there a Hot Toys Chris Reeve Superman in the works?

I was skimming through another sight when a blogger (post #8 on this link Superman Homepage - News:... http://digg.com/u1K9OZ

Is Hot Toys price increase global?

I was just thinking... Have hot toys prices gone up around the globe in the past year or so or is... http://digg.com/u1K9OY

Chechen Separatist Fighter WIP

Chechen Mujahid – 2nd Chechen War
Southern Front
Urus-Martan District

Image:... http://digg.com/u1K8mt

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hot Toys Joker DX

I didn't know what it was, but something was just off a bit.
He was missing that dark side.
So I... http://digg.com/u1K4fI

ZC World Office Chair

Let my HT girl introduce you the new ZC World Office Chair!
Image:... http://digg.com/u1K4fH

Russian mob planning a job

mixed stuff from the stock bins, and lots of stuff from Jim's Printable Minis... http://digg.com/u1K4fF

Will Smith

Did'nt one of the big companys put out a double figure pack from the movie BAD BOYS Will Smith /... http://digg.com/u1K4UC

Spec Ops : operation one shot

Hey there OSW troops, I had some time earlier today to get out my PMC / Spec Ops figures and took... http://digg.com/u1K4UB

Big push! Bastogne 1944

Hi Everyone,

The snow is very nearly gone from my back garden now so I though I'd get one last... http://digg.com/u1K3j4

British airborne battle dress uniform question?

Hello fellow hobbyists

i just got DML's "charles redding" and the welbike figure "martin... http://digg.com/u1K3Mf

Battlegeartoys down?

Tried all today 13 jan uk time to access the Battlegeartoys site but to no avail.
anyone of the... http://digg.com/u1K3DJ

Black Uniform Nazi SS figures (In The Past Toys/DID)

obviously this is a sensitive subject, but it is also part of history.
just wanted to know anyone... http://digg.com/u1K31u

Captain Price

***If you haven't played through Modern Warfare 2 then this has some minor spoilers in it. Fair... http://digg.com/u1K2v2

I finally made it! I'm on Joe collections, I am somebody!

*I got a notice today that Laura & I have been added to the G.I.Joe Collections site. I'm so proud,... http://digg.com/u1K2v1

Do bendy hands for BBI G3 bodies exist?

Did BBI ever make bendy hands for the G3 body? If not, will any other manufacturers bendy hands... http://digg.com/u1K2v0

Anyone here with NO HOT TOYS action figures in your collection? NOT EVEN ONE

question as thread title.

for the longest of time, I do not have any HOT TOYS in my collection..... http://digg.com/u1K2di


I am new to the site. I'm a veteran of desert storm so I am very interested in military items. I... http://digg.com/u1K2df

Three-fer of Birthdays for Wednesday 01/13/10

Today Birthday Wishes go out to these OSWers---

joecrazy... http://digg.com/u1K2de

[7T Toys] MJ suit

Image: http://ping.fm/ALsqw

Image:... http://digg.com/u1K2EB

Where to buy DiD figures in US?

maybe i just missed the memo on this, but i just realized there is nowhere to buy DiD figures.... http://digg.com/u1K2E9

People's Picks (and Poppies!) voting has begun!

It's that time of year - the time for the Poppies and People's Picks voting for best of 2009! Both... http://digg.com/u1K20r

Need rear suspension and wheels Bad Guy Hummer

Inspired by many of the vehicles here on OSW I bought a Bad Guy/Villians Hummer on ebay. I want to... http://digg.com/u1K1pf

Modern Russian Infantry

I am an authority on very little. And the Russian armed forces is definately not on that list. ... http://digg.com/u1K17g

mr freeze done!! finally...

i apologize for the crappy pics, but i wanted to share..will take better ones asap...anywho..on to... http://digg.com/u1K0tI

Is there a way to contact EBT thru this forum?

Either by PM or message? I tried sending one to grandmoff@earthlink.net and they still use this... http://digg.com/u1K0tF

Is SS going to make a HALO jumper and a diver?

Possibly, maybe in the future? http://digg.com/u1K0tH

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Nuclear Winter: a post-apocalyptic bash

I've always liked post-apocalyptic things, and since my collection is terribly out-of-date and... http://digg.com/u1K0X2

Marci Nairey: Soldier of Fortune

Marci Nairey knew at an early age that she wasn't cut out for a typical girl's life. Born into a... http://digg.com/u1K0X1

aztecas poll who would like to see some one take a task on some azteca/mayan fig

this is a poll for aztecs or mayan figures who would like to see some one do these figure like... http://digg.com/u1K0Nk

CrazyDummy MERRELL mountain boots

*Image: http://ping.fm/YIuSE

Image:... http://digg.com/u1K0Nl

1/6th scale "John Connor" collectible figure (Final Battle Version) Figure

The Head sculpt scar is different from the pic that hot toys post. If anyone notice it. I receive... http://digg.com/u1K0Nj

Secret Service Girl (repaint by monster)

Image: http://ping.fm/5HhBY

Image:... http://digg.com/u1K031

WWI Figure Poll

Well, someone asked for a poll in my recent thread "We NEED WWI figures!", so here it is. Just a... http://digg.com/u1Jzdn

Just Got My Toys City CIA Head Sculpt...

and I want to say ....AWESOME. I bought it parted out from 7toys7 for $20 and really wasn't... http://digg.com/u1JzSJ

MP7 For All??

What is up with damn near every figure coming with a MP7 today? Sure they were a bit rare or... http://digg.com/u1JyVH

Recon Jeep by Serang.

Hi, long time no see friends~.
Anybody remember my 'jeep project'?
2 month before, i was began jeep... http://digg.com/u1JyH4

Some old bashes, from a new OSW member

Image: http://ping.fm/gppLH

Image:... http://digg.com/u1Jy36

[ace] SF Night Ops EBR mod. - by an OSW newbie

Packing - environmental friendly
Image:... http://digg.com/u1Jy34

Solo Birthday for Tuesday 01/12/10

A Big OSW Birthday Shoutout goes to---

rdjmchris... http://digg.com/u1Jy35

Help finding this minigun set

Hey guys, I'm working on a halo warthog now and need to find a suitable minigun for the back. Does... http://digg.com/u1Jxd8

Eugene Bullard

With all this talk of World War I figures, I thought I would give my previously posted Eugene... http://digg.com/u1Jxd7

Painting and Sculpting Questions

Has any one used FUSEFX translucent paints for head sculpts.

I have taken a look at the new DID... http://digg.com/u1JwvI

Monday, January 11, 2010

Desert storm help pls

I've been looking for pics on u.s. Soldiers from 1991 mainly the different types of webbing... http://digg.com/u1Jw75

Ancient Japanese Warriors - Samurai and Shinobi

Just my first post at OSW forum
It's about SAMURAI(Officer) and SHINOBI(ninja) troops, and also the... http://digg.com/u1Jw0A

Navy Corpsman Battle of Fallujah 2004

Image: http://ping.fm/X5e37 ... http://digg.com/u1JvLR

Female Avatar Humanoid (pics)

she is larger than the normal scale so i hope this post dose not get removed.
i just wanted to... http://digg.com/u1Jv4B

Desert storm help pls

I've been looking for pics on u.s. Soldiers from 1991 mainly the different types of webbing... http://digg.com/u1Jv4A

My Firearm collection.


HereÂ’s the Barton collection of Firearms to date : except for WW2 , where good model... http://digg.com/u1Juw3

we NEED WWI Figures!

For a very long time, I have been a WWI enthusiast. And I have to say that the Great War is highly... http://digg.com/u1Juw2

Need Pred 2 screen grab ?

Been searching Google for a pic of King Willy just as he has his head cut off in the hands of the... http://digg.com/u1JuUH

Rainbow Six Operator Urban Ver.

This is a tribute kitbash I made to one of the best tactical shooter of all time. And that I mean... http://digg.com/u1JuUG

Polish BOA ver 2.0

this is my a second bash of BOA - Bureau of Counter Terrorist Operations

BOA originally... http://digg.com/u1JuLh


I'd like to introduce you my new bash in 2010
polish GROM operator in... http://digg.com/u1JuLf

WOH (Weekend of Heroes) Summer Event/Convention: June 5, 6, 2010

Hey guys,

WOH 2010 will be held over the weekend of June 5, 6, 2010. All contests are back as per... http://digg.com/u1JuLe

Four Birthdays for Monday 01/11/10

These OSWers are celebrating their birthdays today--

LiQuiDor515... http://digg.com/u1JuCM

Iron Man Exclusive Version

Image: http://ping.fm/1bTSn

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JtTR

Scouting squads

Image: http://ping.fm/FgFXf
Thank you for watching~ http://digg.com/u1JtKZ

TTL website down?

Anyone know whats happened to TTL's website? It seems to have been down for quite some time, at... http://digg.com/u1JtA9


Image: http://ping.fm/oInCm

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JsrV

Question on SS clone trooper armor

I'm looking to remove the armor from a clone trooper. Most pieces were relatively easy, but the... http://digg.com/u1Jshp

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Super Toys boots

Image: http://ping.fm/ERQ3T

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JsR5

CrazyDummy Boots

Image: http://ping.fm/1c5JU

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JsR4

Korea military police special force

Thank you for looking ..

Jackboots on Whitehall - Figure movie with Hollywood talent!

Check this out:

News: The Enemy Comes Small In JACKBOOTS ON WHITEHALL... http://digg.com/u1JsKY

Iron man - Tony stark~

Hi~ this is my first posting on osw..

Kyle Reese Shotgun Question?

I am just finishing off a 1984 Kyle Reese custom using Lonnie's Hicks head with a new hairdo... http://digg.com/u1Js3K

looking for a sniper diorama

Hey everybody, I was looking for a sniper diorama that was submitted, I think, about two months... http://digg.com/u1Jrvm

OSW KotM Poll for December 2009 !!!!!

Without further winter delay, OSW presents for your consideration, the nominees for December 2009's... http://digg.com/u1Jrvl

A question for you eBay sellers on here.

Ok, so I am looking to sell some items off and am considering eBay as a means to sell these items.... http://digg.com/u1JrU7

Hey guys. A little help here on a Head Sculpt.

He's a good of mine and our Airsoft Team leader.

I been thinking sence Christmas on making a... http://digg.com/u1Jr1K

Commando N°4

Here’s a N°4 commando squad. The day of the landing 177 french as were this one present in... http://digg.com/u1Jqug

Anyone else see the Harley-Davidson motorcycles at Big Lots?

The last few times I've gone to BL, I've seen these motorcycles. They're about 9" or 10" long. ... http://digg.com/u1JqjM

Six Pack of Birthdays for Sunday 01/10/10

Wishing these OSW Warriors all the best on their birthdays---

royzee... http://digg.com/u1JqjL

Scots Guard In No2 Dress

This is my first attempt at a British Army No2 uniform. I've made him a Scots Guardsman only... http://digg.com/u1JqZO

Any Interest in a Playhouse GSG9 "Low Profile" group purchase?

Ok, so just like I am trying to organize a group purchase on the Toys City CIA figure, I'd like to... http://digg.com/u1JqZN

Hillsborough Old Guard

This is a member of the ' Hillsborough Old Guard' from Hillsborough castle Co. Down N.... http://digg.com/u1JqZM

Japan Shopping Spree

Hi all!

These are some pictures from my shopping spree past November in Japan. Mostly non-military... http://digg.com/u1JqPE

Any Interest in a Toys City CIA group purchase??

OK, so I have done two of these myself and have participated in another one done by someone else,... http://digg.com/u1JqPH

Fitting a HT head on a Takara Body

Just got a Takara Batman Begins figure but I want to put the Hot toys Bruce Wayne head onto it.... http://digg.com/u1JqPG

WIP SSG Walter Ehlers, 18th Inf, MoH, Normandy '44

Never was happy with the CH Ehlers twin pack. So finally started on fixing that issue.
I had the... http://digg.com/u1JqPC

when is Joelanta?

what day is Joelanta this year and were at?:dunce http://digg.com/u1JqD1

How to eliminate tacky feeling of paint?

I'm repainting some head sculpts and I'm running into a small issue. The sculpt has a very faint... http://digg.com/u1JpuW

Has this weapon been done in 1/6th?

The Ruger AC556.....and if so, does anyone know where i can get any?
*Or if you have one, please... http://digg.com/u1Jpbk

Anybody know where to get mod parts for Hasbro Humvee

Does anybody out there know of a place where I can get a roof assembly with a back hatch and some... http://digg.com/u1JpCC

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Rumors that 21C might be making a comeback

I really miss 21C. A comeback may be more wishful thinking than anything else and even if they do... http://digg.com/u1JotV

Come chat...

Anyone else bored on a saturday nite, well come on in to the chat room. Hope to see you there. http://digg.com/u1JotU

Civil War experts, a little help?

With Triad promising a John Carter of Mars figure I'd like to have both his Barsoomian and Earth... http://digg.com/u1JoZj

Need help identifying figure

If anyone can help identify this figure for me, I would most appreciate it. :help Thanks in... http://digg.com/u1JoHA

Custom Clothing site! Check out the Western items

Just found this cool site (I don't know to much about them)

Seems to be a great source for 1/6... http://digg.com/u1Jo9A

snake eyes

this is my perfect snake eyes

Image: http://ping.fm/JzLWv http://digg.com/u1Jo97

Hot Toys' Store in Hong Kong

Hey, guys. I've been lurking for a while but since I'm relatively new to 12-inch scale action... http://digg.com/u1JnzX

Nice Bike

found this on youtube YouTube - Bike bighit Artesanal http://digg.com/u1Jnri

Figure i want

70199 - U.S. ARMY SPECIAL FORCES EXERCISE "BALIKATAN" 02-1 SNIPER : JASON... http://digg.com/u1Jnrg

Figure Master Les Walker Joker Head

Arrived via Parcelforce this morning:

Image:... http://digg.com/u1Jnbt

You LIKE Those?????

I was making a trade deal with another collector and he said that to me..."You like those??... http://digg.com/u1JnSv

Six Pack of Birthdays for Saturday 01/09/10

Let's help these Warriors celebrate their birthdays today--

silentsquid... http://digg.com/u1JnLT

Kitbash : USMC MEF

A teaser 1st for all u guys. i will upload more later on. :tongue
Image:... http://digg.com/u1JnLR

1/6 steering wheel( where can i find one)

Hey guys, im currently working on a 1/6 scale halo warthog. Just wondering if anyone knows where i... http://digg.com/u1JnDQ

A New Year and a New Request for HS numbers

Happy New Year everyone...

The HS database has moved to a new home, it can be found at... http://digg.com/u1JnDP

inHouse Production @ New Fashion Boots (Tailor Made)

Let us share it.....:welcome

Image: http://ping.fm/dEYpc

:bag http://digg.com/u1Jn4e

[Soldier Story]CIA SAD NIGHT OPS Ver2.0

Image: http://ping.fm/XZPbA http://digg.com/u1Jm8E

One-Sixth Stores in Kuala Lumpur?!?

Hey Warriors,
I have a 12hr stop in KL on my route to India tomorrow, doing some shopping &... http://digg.com/u1Jm8D

Removing footwear from Dragon NEO figures.

Hello guys, as per the title thread, how do I remove those rubber boots and such as I fear I might... http://digg.com/u1JluQ

Friday, January 8, 2010

A good hobby helps you focus

To me, the good thing about model making and painting is it keeps me focused. The other day I had a... http://digg.com/u1JlmM

1/6 aliens and predators

I dont know about you guys but I am a huge aliens and predator fan! I would love to see how you... http://digg.com/u1Jlfh

Modern Warfare 2 "Ghost" UDT Version

Image: http://ping.fm/qxd6k

Call Of Duty is probably... http://digg.com/u1JlSd

Small Review On The New D.i.d 2nd French Regiment

i did a small bit review on this figure since a lot of you were on edge:wideyes hope you like it http://digg.com/u1JlL8

Anyone Dealt with Ebay seller 'Thegodfathers'?

Who also have an Ebay store 'War and Pieces 1944'?

I bought an ammo crate and mortar bombs off... http://digg.com/u1JlE5

Help on which figure to buy?

Hey folks, so I eventually intend to buy both of the figures I am talking about here, but at the... http://digg.com/u1JlE4

Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare2: Task Force 141 Group Bash Anyone?????

After playing Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 ALOT! I realized that the members Task Force 141 would... http://digg.com/u1Jl7m

HT Silk Spectre, what you think of her?

Been checking out some the figures I've gotten over the last week or so and love the work HT put... http://digg.com/u1Jl7l

Barracks Sergeant New Tent

Check out Barracks Sergeants New Tent German WWII and see what you experts all think???

Tent... http://digg.com/u1Jl0r


Just got the HEROIC Bank Robber and took some photos share with you!!

Image:... http://digg.com/u1Jkav

Triad Toys "Barb Wire" 1/6 figure

Found this at Cool Toy Review... http://digg.com/u1Jkat

Trio of Birthdays for Friday 1/08/10

Happy Birthday Wishes from OSW to the following Warriors---

action-figures.ch... http://digg.com/u1JkSg

anyone in usa help me? re: 1/6 items

i bought some 1/6 bits on ebay, and have the tracking number, but since 28th december there has... http://digg.com/u1Jk7x

Video-MJ VS Mr.Bean

http://ping.fm/X3etv http://digg.com/u1JjmC

Anyone in the UK...Can you help me?

Hey everyone,

Just as I heard enough stories on here about people getting cheated of their money... http://digg.com/u1Jj3p

1/6 SWAT van

Good morning to all 1:6 community. I am not sure where to place my thread, so I try here (sorry if... http://digg.com/u1JiCL

ok first kitbash/ custom BSAA agent

first custom one posting hopefully u guys like it. any comments? feedback? would be awsome. also... http://digg.com/u1JgmH

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Some of My Custom Works :)

Jus thought i'd share a couple of my custom jobs. I'm somewhat of a beginner at redoing... http://digg.com/u1Jga6

Next time you think YOU'VE got slow shipping...

The wife and I got a package in the mail today from a major doll retailer out of Canada.
:applause ... http://digg.com/u1Jga5

o man this is sooo awsome ebay listing

:wideyesoo man i wish i had the money for this item one of the coolest things ive seen on ebay and... http://digg.com/u1JgBe

Acton Figure Movies Webisode 11

Here's webisode 11. I hope you enjoy it.

YouTube - Heroes Faith Webisode 11


Oh,... http://digg.com/u1JgBc

Cheytac Intervention M200 weak legs!

Hi all

Have got the Cheytac Intervention M200 from zytoys, the stand can't seem to hold the... http://digg.com/u1JfmG

Do you know who made this Kenshiro head? (Fist of the North Star)

I came across this manga-perfect headsculpt of Kenshiro from "Fist of the North Star" on eBay. It... http://digg.com/u1JfHB

USMC Regimental Combat Team, 6th Marine Regiment in OIF

Here's mine!!Let quite a bit off from the box set,did my own arrangement of the gear,added a 6004... http://digg.com/u1Jf42

hot yoys new iron man mk3 damaged version

when is this due?

I'm wanting to pre-order but I'm seeing dates ranging from february to June... http://digg.com/u1Jepo

Devgru Azteca Style

finally i got some time off to build this figure up from the remaining parts from the devgru
break... http://digg.com/u1Jepn

Question on fabric boots?

Just a quick question for those in the know. Of all the lace u boots on the market, what's your... http://digg.com/u1Jepm

Cal-Tek to add ZY Toys to their line up

I was in Cal-Tek's site today and see they are adding ZY Toys As a new product line.

ZY Toys... http://digg.com/u1Jepl

head swap

will a HT head n neck fir on an ace body?

thanks http://digg.com/u1JeAn

No communication from Toys2.net ????

Last year possibly longer I had to post on here as I had contacted multiple times toys2.net about... http://digg.com/u1Jdn3

Wild Work #5 - US Navy Seal (Tiger)

Image: http://ping.fm/77geK

1/6 Wild Work - US Navy Seal... http://digg.com/u1JdWe

After getting my first few figures...

Well lets just say im blown away by the HT work my ZC Girl just looks pants next to the others... http://digg.com/u1JdWc

Four-fer of Birthdays for Thursday 01/07/10

OSW sends Birthday Wishes to the following Warriors---

PitViper... http://digg.com/u1JdKE

List + Pictures of ALL Dragon Figures ?

As the title states - Has anyone compiled a complete list and perhaps photos of EVERY figure Dragon... http://digg.com/u1JdKD

The American War for Independence

Here are two bashes from the American War for Independence. The first depicts an enthusiastic... http://digg.com/u1JdKC

WWI: Renault FT-17

Image: http://ping.fm/0wSgL

Image:... http://digg.com/u1Jd9V

7km/sec by TEAM AZ

Hello? guys

here are my latest work.

What do you think about this? :)

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JczU

Hot Toys Female TTF Feet Compatibilty

Does anyone know if there is a way to fit Ball jointed shoes/boots (beets) to Hot Toys TTF 11 & 12... http://digg.com/u1JcJU

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sharing Kitbash Link - Ben Zheung's Blog

Member benzheung has a new blog.

www.FigureBase.com - ´ó±¼ - ÍøÒײ©¿Í... http://digg.com/u1Jbkf

German teenage figures

Hermann Weeber and the other teenage figure from DID (cant remember the name because ww2 doesnt... http://digg.com/u1Jbke

Bald Ripley Headsculpt??

I was wondering if anyone knows of a Ripley headsculpt with no hair or long hair. I didnt like the... http://digg.com/u1JbJp

ZoloWorld exclusive Wrath of the Titans figures

I spotted this on another board. I don't know the company so can't comment.

This... http://digg.com/u1Jb40

24th Regiment of Foot

hello, everyone--
my first stab at a new thread here at OSW, I can't take credit for painting the... http://digg.com/u1JawY

Triads House Figure.....

As I was researching house outfits, motorcycle and more,
a few questions came to mind. What's going... http://digg.com/u1JawX

SS DEVGRU Chest Rig/Vest Question!!

Hey, does anyone know whats up with the buckles on the side of the chest rig?? There are two... http://digg.com/u1JaVA

Any info on these comp.

Any info on these comp. an figures TTL's Quick Reaction Force CIA. Thanks http://digg.com/u1JaCi

How would you accomplish this gun??

Trying to bash this gun together.

Image: http://ping.fm/Y79wr http://digg.com/u1JaCh

TRIAD TOYS - Tech Savvy Diorama base display (SET A & B)

not sure whether anyone posted this before? i think it will look great for modern or sci-fi... http://digg.com/u1JZsz

us infantry acu with barrett m95 rifle

quick new bash

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JZVO

Four Sharp Birthdays for Wednesday 01/06/10

OSW sends a Big Birthday Shoutout to the following OSWers---

lionclaws... http://digg.com/u1JZVM

RAH...GI JOE Stalker....My Version

Hey guys n gals...I hope you all had a good start into the new year.
This is my first bash in 2010... http://digg.com/u1JYli

Fixing a Luger?

Hi all, I hope there are some weapon experts on this board.
If so, I hope you can help me.

I... http://digg.com/u1JXtX

DX Joker & Batman Canceled

Has anyone elese experienced this, I ordered both the DX batman and joker from BBTS (big bad toy... http://digg.com/u1JXQX

STAR WARS....DLT 20A Blaster Question

Hey fellas,
I would like to know if the Blastech DLT 20A Blaster is available in 1/6???

This is... http://digg.com/u1JX5f

[new]loadingtoys-sotto New Picture!

The New Photos seem great,I will buy them!... http://digg.com/u1JWeZ

[new]loadingtoys-sotto New Picture!

The New Photos seem great,I will buy them! http://digg.com/u1JWea

Where can I find 1/6 corrugated metal?

I've heard cardboard is good, but is there some styrene that is in scale? I see there are a few... http://digg.com/u1JWeX

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Kitbash : PMC 2010 Lots a pics!!

This new year i present u a new kitbash from me. Enjoy brothers!:welcome

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JVuC

Bruce Lee "Enter The Dragon" Lalla Repainting, Custom Hair Implantation

Image: http://ping.fm/UZpSL http://digg.com/u1JVAU

HUGE Airwolf Helicopter kit!!!

Not quite 1:6, but this bad boy is like 51 inches long. Its pretty sweet man!! Check it... http://digg.com/u1JVAT

When will we see more Star Wars clone troopers?

I recently purchased my first clone trooper (Sideshow Shock Trooper, which I've already broken :lol... http://digg.com/u1JUwP

Ignite Napoleon Repaint

I was pleasantly surprised with the detail on this sculpt once it was stripped.
Image:... http://digg.com/u1JUie

Warning for HT Big Chap Alien owners!

I got my Big Chap today,and although it really looks impressive, it's more disappointing than the... http://digg.com/u1JUib

Monkey Depot Photo Review: Soldier Story USMC Flamethrower

Hey Guys,

The holidays had us jumping and I have fallen behind on the extras like photo reviews.... http://digg.com/u1JUTs

250/9 before and after

Rebuilt Sdkfz 250/9

This was one of my first vehicles, from maybe 7 years ago. Got it from... http://digg.com/u1JUTr

GSG 9 low profile my version

if we are waiting for new set from playhouse
I'd like to introduce you my idea

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JUEE

Royal Military Police - Close Protection UNIT

New bash in 2010
some conceptual idea of Royal Military Police - Close Protection UNIT

CPU RMP... http://digg.com/u1JUE3

Steady Lad

Hello Folks
This is my rendition off two soldiers from the Army off Northern Virginia. The old... http://digg.com/u1JUE9

Green Goblin..

Here's another custom, had an old Horizon Goblin kicking around, so I got creative, now, I just... http://digg.com/u1JUE0


Another custom, Still have some minor mod's to make.... http://digg.com/u1JUDo

Monday, January 4, 2010

ALIENS CUSTOM: "Kill Me.." CB Victim (Pic HEAVY)

*Hey Guys/Gals!
Here's my Chest-burster Victim finally finished!!!
Sorry about the amount of... http://digg.com/u1JQOs

Any news on more Predator 1 figures?

Has anyone heard anything about more Hot Toys figures from their Predator movie license? I really... http://digg.com/u1JQHb

Tom Kitcher, 1706 .

*Tom Kitcher , 1706 :*

The War of the Spanish Succession , the first of what might be called the... http://digg.com/u1JQ7l


Hi all

I am currently working on some Legionnaires in Afghanistan from the 2e REP. These are my... http://digg.com/u1JQ7k

12" Monkey D. Luffy Figure? (Not Bandai)

One Piece 12-inch action figure LUFFY... http://digg.com/u1JQ1S

New From DID-Captain Miller

2nd Ranger Battalion - Normandy June 6, 1944
ITEM NO: A80073 NAME: "Captain Miller" ... http://digg.com/u1JPPR

Solo Birthday for Monday 01/04/10

A big OSW Birthday shoutout to---

Hispanicgamer... http://digg.com/u1JPPJ

help w Hans Pifer parachute

I bought the Dragon Hans Pifer Luftwaffe He111 Bomber Pilot some time back. Been in my... http://digg.com/u1JPBm

AR15 rebuilt and repainted

What is your opinion?

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JOOj

grand repainted

Hi to all, happy 2010.
After a long time inactive for personal reasons, return to work. Failure to... http://digg.com/u1JOOb

Hot Toys- Terminator 2: Judgment Day:T800 full spec and pics

The wait is over guys... here's the info you've been craving!

Hot Toys - MMS117: Terminator 2:... http://digg.com/u1JO4v

A MACVSOG legendary warrior passes

Retired Army Col. Robert L. Howard, a Medal of Honor recipient for combat action in Vietnam in 1968... http://digg.com/u1JNgd

1/6th flag desecration

I am planning a bash where a US flag will be burned/ripped/tattered, would I be ok doing this or... http://digg.com/u1JNgb

MGS: "Meryl's" Marauders (little update to my team)

Everyone on the forums probably remembers my MGS-ish gag skits featuring Meryl and a few other... http://digg.com/u1JNgX

Sunday, January 3, 2010

HOT TOYS-Terminator 2-T-800 (Officially Announced! Pics and specs)

Image: http://ping.fm/YkOVC

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JNRr

SOLDIER STORY DEVGRU review-lotsa pics

Let's get right to it!!!

Body/Sculpt-Who is it?
To me it looks like Gary Oldman.Kinda.I... http://digg.com/u1JMwb

Fm HKToysForum: "The Unfortunate Story of : MARCUS The Salesman

This is just hilarious!!! Great use of a bunch of famous characters... with a twist...lol!

*[TOY... http://digg.com/u1JMwW

Sci Fi: Sweeper & Seeker by makadi3000

Wanted to introduce you guys to the work of one of my friends from the 3A forum. Most of his other... http://digg.com/u1JMDg


Image: http://ping.fm/GFQZw
Image:... http://digg.com/u1JLFD

I am looking for a Hasbro 1/6 Humvee

If anybody out there is willing to part with one of these, please feel free to send me a PM and... http://digg.com/u1JLFE


It's getting way hotter this new year..:dizzy

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JLFC

Hunting a hare..

Does anyone know where i can get a 1/6th or 1/6thish realistic looking hare?
It needs to be in a... http://digg.com/u1JL30

ZC Queenie

Image: http://ping.fm/MBuVq

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JL2z

TTL 68006 body with headsculpt

Image: http://ping.fm/bbIIV

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JL2y

Sunday OSW Birthdays - 03 Jan 10

schutz (http://ping.fm/YmJBD),... http://digg.com/u1JL2x

flag patches

I asked in another thread if anyone knew where i could pick up patches for MW2 bashes but no... http://digg.com/u1JKkd

Project in the works: 1st figure

I have a project in mind for a quasi civil war/rebellion type thing and have been working on... http://digg.com/u1JKkb

Hot Toys Effect on 1/6

So the Hot Toys effect on the hobby, on the plus side it's bringing in new people with all of the... http://digg.com/u1JKka

"It's not about what I want, it's about what's fair!" Hot Toys Custom Two Face

“You either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become the villain.”

Repainted and... http://digg.com/u1JKkZ

Hot Toys Michael Jackson Thriller, Matrix Sentinel, RE Sheva reviews

It's an all Hot Toys night tonight, with a review from me plus TWO guest reviews! I'm falling a... http://digg.com/u1JKSU

Trying to paint a HS...help

I just can't get the skintone color right. Can anyone help me?


Niels http://digg.com/u1JK2j

End of time..........2nd :-)

Happy new year everyone. Here is my 1st of 2010 :-) Hope you like him.
Image:... http://digg.com/u1JK2g

Re-sell Value of Displayed Figures?

Hi All,

I am new to the world of 1:6 collecting. I come from the world of comic book collecting... http://digg.com/u1JJWA

95th Regiment of Foot Insignia

Does anyone know where I might be able to find the rank insignia for the DiD 95th Regiment of Foot... http://digg.com/u1JJNW

Will a Hot Toys short neck post fit on a TTL 2.0 body?

Hi guys,
Does anyone know if a Hot Toys short neck post will fit on TTL 2.0 body?
This is the neck... http://digg.com/u1JJFf

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Big Bad Toy Store Location?

Just curious where they ship out of?? http://digg.com/u1JIMD

DEVGRU (My Version of Gold Team)

I am not the most patient person. Therefore, I couldn't wait for my SS DEVGRU Gold Team to arrive... http://digg.com/u1JIMB

MGS4 Old Snake Kills

More action sequence by Old Snake :

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JIFB

anyone on else see this?

HOT TOYS - Products :: Licence :: Avatar... http://digg.com/u1JI6P

Alone in the desert (one man patrol)

*Soldier Story, DAK Deutsche Afrika Korps Cyrenaica 1941

(outdoor photos) I hope you like Them.... http://digg.com/u1JI6M

Kitbash: MAGPUL DYNAMICS Tactical Carbine Instructor

Hi guys, I was inspired to do this bash after watching Travis & Chris of Magpul Dynamics on... http://digg.com/u1JHSp

"That wasn't such a chore now was it?" The Ghostbusters!

Final coming soon....

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JGyG

Recent Projects: Reapers, MacReady and Riddick (oh my)

I frequently sit in amazement at the things I see posted here. My work doesn't inspire any "f*ck... http://digg.com/u1JGlI

MGS4 Old Snake

War has change... the overpriced figure is changed, hope is to all your liking:)

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JGTx

I'm looking for a GI Joe 10th Mountain Division figure

I am looking for this figure and am having trouble finding it. There's one on E-bay, but this guy... http://digg.com/u1JG52


Anyone know the best place for velcro national flags? need some for a MW2 bash http://digg.com/u1JG50

251D before and after

251D before and after

This is my Mardon Callanta 251D after a facelift.
Completed this one about... http://digg.com/u1JG4y

Custom 12" Kingdom Come Wonder Woman

Just finished this over the holidays. Used the Triad base body. Everything's made from scratch... http://digg.com/u1JF6l

VH FCS has anybody else seen this?

Sorry if this is already in a topic, but I haven't noticed any topics covering this yet.

I can't... http://digg.com/u1JF6f

Jason Bourne Custom

Just recently lost a repainted loading toys Bourne head on eBay and got to thinking about my DML... http://digg.com/u1JF6a

Solo Birthday for Saturday 01/02/10

A Happy OSW Birthday to---

Usmcrtop... http://digg.com/u1JEbI


Hello and a Happy New Year to one and all. Shes just about finished. Ex-pole dancer, Natashia,... http://digg.com/u1JEE7

PLAYHOUSE ~ GSG-9 (Low-Profile Version)

Image: http://ping.fm/uprP8

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JDOE

Inglorious Bastards x Defiance x Valkyrie [2010 New Year Special]

*Happy New Year guys!!!*

Been away for busy 1:1 life for awhile, been bashing this and that on &... http://digg.com/u1JCbW

what other cheap 1/6 brands/manufacturers are there?

i know of several cheap/ kid targeted lines:
k-9 corps by lanard
ultra corps by lanard
power team... http://digg.com/u1JCOd

Cheap Chenoweth on ebay

1 day 10 hours left. US $0.99 opening bid. Shipping: $15.00 UPS Ground
army truck - eBay (item... http://digg.com/u1JCBn

Friday, January 1, 2010

Gear for a Blackhawk Down Crew Chief?

I have looked for pics of what a crew chief from black hawk down would have worn but have not found... http://digg.com/u1JByY

Army Blackhawk Crew Chief

Well here is some thing I think most of you know were coming and has taken me quite a while to put... http://digg.com/u1JBsI

Boiler Zomb tool belt

Been wanting to do this for awhile. The Zomb always seemed to me like a working stiff sort of guy.... http://digg.com/u1JBmx

Another John Locke Paint Up

My latest version of this truly outstanding sculpt.
Image:... http://digg.com/u1JBmw

Old West Posse in the Making

I just finished another Old West kitbash, a young Deputy U.S. Marshal I call Saguaro Slim. His... http://digg.com/u1JBcK

Space Battleship Yamato/Starblazers movie

Space Battleship Yamato (was Starblazers in the west) movie coming!

YouTube - ???SPACE BATTLESHIP... http://digg.com/u1JBWC

Custom 1/6 Appleseed Landmate on the Toyworld Forum

WOW :jawdrop,
have you guys seen this over on the Toyword forum

??1:6 Appleseed EX Landmate... http://digg.com/u1JBIt

SS CIRAS Rig Question. Please Help!!!

Hey folks. I recently bought an SS black CIRAS vest with all the pouch's and goodies. It is from... http://digg.com/u1JBIs

WW1 British Tommy. Lancashire Fusilier

Hello all. I've always wanted a Tommy from the Great War. This one I have adapted from the SST... http://digg.com/u1JBIr

How do you create a marble effect for your bases using acrylic paints?

I have a base made of clay tiles that I made that I want to give a nice marble finish. Thanks http://digg.com/u1JB8g

New Year UPDATE! Woodland Ranger.

Just a old bash redux.

Image: http://ping.fm/qtwXX

Image:... http://digg.com/u1JAv6

Left-handed oakley assault gloves? Left handed holsters?

I am putting together a bash that is going to look like my airsoft loadout, and since I am... http://digg.com/u1JAv5

1st KITBASH of 2010: Italian 1st Regiment Carabinieri "Tuscania", Iraq 2003

Hi guys, check out my 1st kitbash of 2010! :thanks

*Ref pic*
Image:... http://digg.com/u1JAoT